Blogmas: Why I love Christmas…

So on my previous blog I did the bloggers 12 days of Christmas challenge. This year, in keeping with my true over complicated style, I’ve decided to do Blogmas, posting every single day leading up to Christmas…

It’s a little different to my blog theme but as a major Christmas lover, I couldn’t possibly bypass the opportunity.

… okay so for my first post, to ease into the Christmas spirit, I want to explain what it really is I love about the festive season:

  1. The music!! I’m a huge music fan anyway, with my taste ranging from Linkin Park (which my boyfriend recently got me into) to Grease…pretty broad I know… but Christmas songs are my weak spot. Admittedly they’ve playing since November (much to the horror of my parents) but I can’t avoid the feelgood tunes. My favourite is Band Aid, but I shan’t spoil a post to come…
  2. The decorations… so this is an obvious one I guess, but I love the thought of waking up to Christmas tree, tinsel, fairy lights, just the general warm glowing homely atmosphere.
  3. The atmosphere…call me old fashioned but the simple act of going shopping at Christmastime fills me with happiness. Shoppers seem to have a generally more joyful attitude, retailers wishing you merry Christmas, Santa hats galore and window displays for every shop, and of course the hoards of little chocolate and pretzel samples.
  4. The lights… is it just me who drives around the streets to look at lights? You know it’s Christmas when the town centres begin the famous switch ons, celebrities and radio stations bagging each area, and hoards of people counting down… lovely!
  5. Advent calendars…I felt like a child this morning opening that first door…
  6. The smells…a bit of an odd one, but I associate certain warm smells, like cinnamon, ginger, roast dinner, musk and pine…
  7. Shopping! I spend very little of December shopping for myself, instead I absolutely love buying people presents. I can proudly announce that this year I have completed 90% of my shopping already. I am so determined to keep gifts for each person themed, and I will be doing posts on gift ideas for those last minute shoppers, wrapping ideas for the more paper savvy, and card ideas for those with a creative flair!
  8. The plans… if you’re anything like me, family will have spent the past three months discussing how many people we can cram into a week over Christmas! It’s lovely seeing friends and family, spending quality time together….ahh…
  9. The films: fluffy socks, hot chocolate, warm blanket, box of snacks, and a bunch of cheesy Christmas films, need I say more?
  10. Christmas Day! The one big special day, full of the inevitable stress of the big dinner, excitement of presents, careful planning of the order of Christmas TV, a day where family seem to appreciate each other more, and everyone is brought together…

Do any of these match your favourites? 

Sasha x


  1. Literally all the same reasons as me 🎄☃️😁. I have a very similar music taste and Christmas music is probably my all time favourite thing about Christmas other than getting together with family of course 😊.


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