Blogmas: Christmas All Wrapped Up

Hi all! Day 13 of Blogmas, and I wanted to share some of my Christmas wrapping. I absolutely adore wrapping presents, and this year I was so determined to theme my gifts, even down to colouring. In past years I have tended to just grab the first pretty paper I see and then have mishmashed colours – pretty but mishmashed.

This year, I was careful with selecting colours, ribbon and bows. Needless to say I was excited for the end product!!


I like to make presents look good from all angles, not just the top. Putting a bow in the centre really finishes off a gift I think.


Stacking presents and then tying them together with ribbon not only makes them look cute, but on a practical note keeps them together.


A slightly more wintry theme going on using whites and silvers. The circular one was admittedly difficult to wrap and for it not to look messy!


This is my favourite one of them all, purely because of how they all stack together, and how the tag, bow and ribbon all match!


Wrapping presents together that are the same size makes them look neater too.


For gift tags, I always use the fronts of Christmas cards from last year. Not only does this top me from throwing them away, they’re usually fa nicer designs than shop-bought gift tags.


My work chocolates were so satisfying to wrap, and all of the ribbon and bows colour match to the wrapping paper.


I like putting little bits of jewelry etc. in organza bags that match the paper.

So there’s a little insight into my little world of wrapping.

Do you have any good techniques? 

Sasha x

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