Blogmas: Thinking about the year…

So with five days until Christmas and just eleven days until 2017 arrives, I find myself thinking more and more about how my 2016 went. I’ve had high points and low points, and a few in between, and a lot of opportunities I wish I had taken up. I’ve lost friends, made friends, and had a good opportunity to really think about what 2017 will bring and what I want to achieve.

First of all global politics has brought perhaps the biggest surprises, and has encompassed viewers of all ages into the global debate, creation of political memes and long internet rants of the outcomes.

Personally, 2016 has absolutely fled, with exams taking up a good three months, my lovely holiday to the island of Rhodes, and the beginning of  new college year. Then there was (and still is) the constant thought of university, where to go, what to do, and how to shape my future. I think I have grown as a person this year, with my confidence being constantly built up as new opportunities arose. I started this blog and became instantly more passionate about becoming a journalist. I got myself a new job and met so many new people, many of whom will be friends for life.

On the subject of friends I have lost a few this year, some of whom I have known for years, but our differences caused us to drift apart. I have also made lots of new friends, some who have become so close to me and I really value them. I have found this year a massive learning curve in terms of who I have in my life: I think I’ve learnt most importantly that I do matter and that my feelings matter. For years I have always put other people first and thought nothing of how their actions may affect me, however this year I decided that although this is a lovely way to be, realistically it was getting me no where. It was actually my ex who told me that I shouldn’t worry about what others think and just to focus on me. So I did. And hence lost friends in the process, but I can honestly say I am far happier now than I was say five months ago. And I adore the new people in my life: genuine people who I don’t need to pretend around, and who love me for just being me.

I think in 2017 I am going to embrace every opportunity that comes my way; I’m already regretting not taking up a number of things in 2016, and also for not believing in myself. Modesty is fantastic, but putting myself down is not, and I now realise that. I have already thought about a number of things to start doing in the new year, and to start showing people that I can actually do. It’s time for me to be proud of myself…

I’m also looking forward to starting University, although I am slightly terrified. Moving away from home excites and scares me: I can’t wait to have my own schedule, to finally take charge of my own life and take responsibility for my own actions, but also leaving the family I love will hurt. It will be great however, to study a course that I truly feel passionate abut, to learn things that will only enhance my future, and hopefully meet hundreds of new people who will become my new family!

I also want to properly commit to blogging and really take it somewhere: lots of you have left some really lovely comments of my posts which have truly made me believe in myself, so thank you.

I think my main message for 2017 is: embrace everything. Embrace your emotions, your actions, your decisions, and you. Don’t let anybody get you down, or ruin your day, take charge of your year, and of your life. We only live once right? I look forwards to seeing what next year has to bring!!

Sasha x

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