Blogmas: A Handmade Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!!

It’s always been a tradition of mine to make gifts for my family, I think my best effort as a child was drawing a smiley face on a dried out leaf and giving it to my mum for her birthday! To this day I still get teased…well I guess it’s the thought that counts…

Anyway this year I’ve bought most of my presents, but still made a few to keep my own tradition…


I enjoy painting but I equally love quotes, and I know my brother loves Doctor Who so I combined them all, together with a few ideas I saw on Pinterest which I just had to re create.


This one has slightly more meaning to it as I’m sure some people are aware…

I love decorating candles, mum bought me a set a few years back which had mouldable wax and candle wax pens so ever since I’ve been coming up with lots of designs.

A few years back I wrote down a load of recipes which had been on loose sheets of paper around the house, but the handwriting was childish and it was bound by a piece of string, so this year I’ve covered a notebook and designed it with a more modern outlook, and I’ve kept a more consistent style.

Sasha x

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