A New Chapter…

So with college out of the way and waving a distant goodbye to exams (shudders) it’s time to begin a brand new chapter in my life: University…tomorrow!!

I’m beginning to see it as the start of a new era, a time to revamp, rethink and restructure who I am, whilst studying Journalism to get one step closer to my dream career!

The past few weeks have been spent mentally preparing for what is come, with a lot of excitement alongside some apprehension. It’s always difficult waving goodbye to friends that have been my rock for the past few years, and sorting through photos capturing memories and moments that will always stay with me.

Uni will also mean my relationship going to long-distance too, which for me is probably the most difficult part of moving away, but visiting him will give me something to look forwards to in term time!

I think other difficulties for me will be the worry of home sickness and adapting to a new, independent way of life, but I’m also seeing University as an opportunity for me to have the true freedom to rediscover who I am and actually start taking up activities which I have wanted to do for so long!

So I’m feeling ready to work incredibly hard and get ahead, but also ready to discover a new me. My journey across the next three years will be incredible and (as everyone keeps telling me) the best experience pf my life, so I guess it would be a great shame not to document it!

I’m guessing that many of you will be in the same position as I am in at the moment, with not long to go until we begin the next step in our lives. Hopefully we can help one another along the way and share our experiences and advice together!

Sasha x

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