Christmas all wrapped up…

I LOVE Christmas wrapping … I don’t know if i’m the only one? Honestly wrapping presents is one of my favourite parts of Christmas!

I’ve spoken to many friends and family who hate Christmas wrapping so I thought I’d share some advice to help you stay happy and make your presents look festive!

  1. Christmas music!!! Always gets you in the festive spirit!
  2. Buy some nice wrapping paper! Cheaper ones may seem favourable but you can tell by the quality when they’re cheap. Buy colours that will go well together too.
  3. Invest in ribbons and bows, you can get so many for £1 or £2 and they make it look like you’ve put a lot of effort into your wrapping.
  4. Think carefully about any other accessories. Some people decorate presents with simple stickers which can look very effective, some people put them in nice gift bags. I decorate mine with small baubles and gift tags.
  5. Think about gift tags too! I buy some of mine, but some I recycle from the front of last years’ Christmas cards – that way they’re unique and different!
  6. Keep it neat…there are plenty of tutorials on present wrapping out there and that can make a huge difference!

Hopefully this will get you inspired!! 

Sasha xx

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