My Christmas Haul

I’ve seen a few posts like this one and I really enjoyed seeing what people got for Christmas, and for me it isn’t about the gifts at all but it’s nice to appreciate what you did receive.

I got some lovely things for Christmas, some of my favourites being pyjamas from my parents, also a lovely choker from my boyfriends parents, and some huge unicorn slippers from my cousins.


I received a Body Shop voucher and I managed to hit the sales and grab quite a few bargains. I love bath products and scented shower gels so this was perfect. I also love the products from the body shop because they’re really good for your skin and they’re natural.


I got some really cute girly presents too. My boyfriends parents got me a lovely candle and diffuser set which I can take to Uni. The cute quote and fairy lights from my friends are perfect because I love decorating my room.


And of course I got lots of Unicorn themed presents! I absolutely love that all my friends and family know what I like, my favourite being a colouring book from my best friend. My brother also got me a light up rainbow wine glass (which I adore) and a unicorn mood light.


Now I love nail polish and I also love these shades, they’re great for Autumn and Winter.


I loved this gift because as well as the scented wash and lotion, I can use the bag as a travel wash bag which is really useful for when I spend a weekend away from Uni or visiting a friend.


This gift was really useful for me because during winter I get chapped lips and dryer skin so this will keep me going for a while. The Nivea sticks are not only great for that but they have different purposes and are handbag sized.


This gift was very special to me. My boyfriend got me a personalised locket with the quote “I love you to the moon and back” which is something that we always say to each other. I put some pictures inside and it’s really meaningful.


I think the most special gift I received was a promise ring from him which means more than anything. It made me feel really positive about the next three years of Uni, and it showed me how serious he is and how serious we are now. I feel very excited and positive or the future.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have written a post about your Christmas gifts I would love to give it a read so feel free to leave your link below.

Sasha xx


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