Valentine’s Lookbook

The start of February means two weeks until Valentines Day, so whatever you’re doing with your other half, whether that’s an evening meal, a country break, or a cosy night in, I’ve had fun designing the outfit for you…


Bold – for a confident look, contrast red and black with heavier makeup. This look is great for a meal out, cocktails or a night out. Pair it with a blazer or light jacket.


Casual – Perfect for a chilled day with your other half. Use pastel colours such as light pink and grey for a relaxed look.


Formal – Perfect for a date night or romantic meal. The darker colours and fitted dress make the overall look elegant.

nightn i

Night In – I’m thinking cosy pillows and blankets, with candles and fairy lights to make it ultra cosy. Maybe order your favourite foods and watch some films.

weekend away

Weekend away – Fashionable, comfy and casual in one. This outfit is practical but also very cute.

What are your Valentine’s plans?

Sasha xx


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