My weekend in Aberystwyth

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Sadly, I won’t be spending Valentines with Jack due to our long distance relationship, however I thought I’d share the lovely weekend we had together a few weeks ago, when I went to visit him in Aberystwyth.


Aber is a town in West Wales (UK) which is quite historical, has a beautiful beach front and a quaint yet modern town. It has a ruined castle, a harbour, and a variety of bars and clubs, one of which is on the pier.

After a coffee in Starbucks, we headed to the castle ruins, which gave us a perfect birds eye view of the town and Constitution Hill (which was unfortunately too wet to scale but we will definitely climb it next time!)


Despite the cold, the views I managed to capture are truly stunning, and I came back to Leeds feeling like I’d had a mini seaside break.

My journey took 5 hours either way, but the view along the way was beautiful. The countryside travelling out of Yorkshire and into Wales was so peaceful.

We spent Saturday exploring Aber, the town, the castle and the beach. It was very cold but very beautiful.

The town hosts a variety of modern retailers and fashion outlets, as well as cafes, and smaller, more exclusive boutiques.


Everything seems very exclusive and very personal, which kind of sums up the community atmosphere there.


Many of the houses and buildings are painted with bright colours, which is typical of a seaside town. I absolutely love the style, because each house is unique, and the streets feel happy and looked after.


There are lots of young people and families around, presumably due to the University. The beach was deserted which was a great photo opportunity for us!

We had a stroll along the harbour where a number of small boats are stationed.


We managed to catch the late afternoon sun which was very pretty, and very refreshing. I just can’t fault the views that I seemed to get in every place we visited. It’s so quaint and so easy to walk around, with the town just off the beachfront.


The quiet streets of Aber are a lovely change from the bustling streets of Leeds, and it has such a relaxing and peaceful feeling to it.


Each house seems really individual, and there are cobblestone walls everywhere which sum up the general aesthetic.


On Saturday evening we went for a lovely meal at a restaurant called Little Italy, which was very cute and very romantic. The decoration inside was so traditional, the staff so friendly, and the night so perfect.

We went to a couple of bars, and then a club (the one on the pier) which is my personal favourite. It’s so unique and so different, and the atmosphere was lovely and relaxed. I think it’s safe to say it was one of the best nights out that I’ve had.


After a very lazy Sunday, I headed back to Leeds, having had the loveliest weekend I could have hoped for. Needless to say we had an amazing time together, and I’m just a little bit jealous of his location. Aberystwyth is a beautiful town and I can’t wait to keep going back there.

Jack had planned the whole weekend out for us and it was so relaxing, refreshing and cute. It must be said I am a very lucky girl.

10/10 would recommend Aber as a little holiday destination, whether it’s for a weekend or for a few days, there’s plenty to do and plenty to visit. Until next time Aber.

Sasha xx


  1. Cause of the way you wrote your story it was like I spent the weekend with you sorry for the intrusion (little joke) anyways as you can tell I loved it and the pictures are great it’s beautiful there thanks for sharing a special vacation with all of us wish I could visit places like this but cant don’t even have passbook so I travel through blogs like yours and your pictures I see the world thank you and bloggers like you so I can travel the world through your blogs.

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