The 100 Truths Tag

The lovely Emma over at Emma’s Chapter tagged me in this and I am very excited to make a start. You can see her post here. I’ve seen few bloggers doing it and it honestly looks like a lot of fun.


  1. What’s Your Name?
  2. Any Nicknames or Aliases?
    Sash, Bop, Fruit, the list is endless to be honest.
  3. Your Gender
  4. Your Star Sign?
  5. How Old Are You?
    18 (but closer to 19)
  6. Your Relationship Status?
    Happily taken 😊
  7. Any Children?
    No omigosh!
  8. Any Pets?
    A little Syrian hamster called Mittens!
  9. Any Tattoos/Piercings?
    My ears are pierced
  10. What Do You Like About Yourself?
    Urmm tough question… not a lot is the honest answer. Perhaps how hardworking I am? Like I know that once I set my mind to something I won’t rest until I think it’s perfect.
  11. What Do You Dislike About Yourself?
    Oooh I overthink way too much, I’m probably too trusting in other people, and the silliest things make me anxious.
  12. Right or Left?


  1. The Last Thing You Drank:
    A beautiful cup of tea (my favourite)
  2. The Last Thing You Ate:
  3. Your Last Phone Call:
    My mum
  4. Your Last Text Message: My boyfriend
  1. Your Last E Mail:
    To one of my lecturers
  2. The Last Song You Listened To:
    Obviously – McFly
  3. The Last Book You Read:
    Find Me – J.S. Monroe (review coming soon)
  4. The Last Time You Cried:
    Urmmm yesterday admittedly – missing someone is hard
  5. The Last Blog You Read:
    Emma’s Chapter – as I read this post 😊
  6. The Last Person You Spoke To:
    My brother!
  7. The Last Place You Visited:
    Aberystwth – when I went to see Jack
  8. Your Last Holiday Abroad:
    Last summer to Fuerteventura


  1. Gotten Back With an Ex?
  2. Been Cheated On?
    No luckily
  3. Cheated On Someone?
    No and I never will
  4. Lost Someone Special To You?
  5. Been So Drunk You Threw Up?
    No I’d like to say I’m very in control
  6. Fallen Out Of Love With Someone?
  7. Met Someone Who Changed You?
    Yes but in a good way (i.e. wasn’t a forced change, he has just helped me grow and become myself more, pushed me so much and supported everything 😊)
  8. Been In A Situation Where You Found Out Who Your Real Friends Are?
    Hahaha definitely!
  9. Kissed Someone You Shouldn’t Have?
    No and never will
  10. Found Out People Were Talking About You Behind Your Back?
    Yes but I guess that happens to everyone
  11. Broken Someone’s Heart?
    I hope not, I don’t want to be that person
  12. Kissed A Stranger?
  13. Had Your Own Heart Broken?
    Kind of
  14. Had Sex On A First Date?
    No that’s a little soon
  15. Been Arrested?
  16. Been Attracted To Someone That Isn’t The Gender You Usually Find Attractive?
    Yessss there are so many attractive people
  17. Done Something You Regret?
  18. Had A Threesome?
  19. Embarrassed Yourself In Public
    Most days hahaha
  20. Misjudged Someone?
    Yes and immediately felt bad


  1. Do You Believe In God?
    Yes and no. I believe there’s something out there, just not sure what.
  2. Do You Believe In Yourself?
    No but I’m lucky to have someone who does.
  3. Do You Believe In Santa Claus?
    No…I wish I still did it was a magical feeling.
  4. Do You Believe In Ghosts?
    Yes and no. Similar to the other question, I believe they’re something but not sure what.
  5. Do You Believe in Aliens?
    Yes, but not the stereotypical green creatures people depict. We can’t be the only living things in the Universe.
  6. Do You Believe In Miracles?
    Miracles? As in religious miracles or surprising acts that happen? I’m not sure on that one.
  7. Do You Believe In The Power of Positive Thinking?
    I really do. I am a strong believer that if you go into something positively, it will be 10 times better than if you don’t. So far, it’s worked for me.
  8. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?
    I mean yes and no, I believe in unknown love at first sight – like your heart tells you ‘this is a special person’.
  9. Can Money Make You Happy?
    To an extent yes. Money can help you to reach your end goal depending on what that is, but it certainly isn’t the be all and end all.
  10. Would You Describe Yourself As A Feminist?
    Yes but not strongly – I want everyone to be equals.
  11. Are You Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?
  12. Do You Have Strong Political Beliefs
    Not strong. I loosely follow politics and have opinions on what happens, but I’m not strongly devoted.
  13. Do You Have Strong Religious Beliefs?
    No I don’t
  14. What Do You Think The Most Important Thing You Can Give A Child Is?
    Love and time.


  1. Are You Eating Anything:
    Cheese and onion crisps
  2. Are You Drinking Anything:
    A cup of tea of course
  3. What Are You Listening To:
    Rewrite the Stars – The Greatest Showman
  4. What Are You Thinking:
    About what I want to get done tomorrow.
  5. What Are You Waiting For:
    Urm…tough question. I’m not really waiting for anything. I’m just making the most of now and making the most of all the opportunities I have.
  6. What Are You Most Excited About:
    My boyfriend coming home, summer, the future, it’s all very exciting really!
  7. What’s Your Pet Peeve:
    Disrespectful people.
  8. What’s Your Favourite Thing:
  9. If You Weren’t Answering These Questions What Would You Be Doing?
    Planning out my blog posts, reading through my assignment.


  1. Best Friend:
    I don’t think I really had a proper one until year 2. I changed best friends a lot before that. That’s also very hard to remember.
  2. Kiss:
    Happened in school.
  3. Celebrity Crush:
    Hmm probably Liam Payne or Dave Franco but nothing huge.
  4. Holiday:
    Probably Butlins, or Majorca…
  5. Pet:
    Goldfish called Saffron and Sunshine
  6. Regret:
    I really have no idea!
  7. Job:
    Bartender/Leisure activity organiser/Fire marshaller (my job consisted of all of these I’m not just listing)
  8. Childhood Memory:
    I remember playing in Nursery, we had these teddy-bear jigsaw puzzles which were my favourite. I would do those, then draw, and then run outside and play inside those little plastic yellow and red cars.


  1. Love or Money?
    Love every time.
  2. Twitter or Facebook?
    Twitter for sure.
  3. Hook-Up or Relationship?
    Relationship – it’s far more meaningful.
  4. Dogs or Cats?
    Dogs. No cats. No dogs. Ahhhh! I love both! But if I had to choose then dogs.
  5. Coffee or Tea?
    Tea. Is that even a question?
  6. Beer or Wine?
    Wine (Rose)
  7. Sweet or Savoury?
    It depends on what mood I’m in. It’s a fairly equal split.
  8. Introvert or Extrovert?
    Extrovert but it’s taken me many years.
  9. Vampires or Werewolves?
    Good question, vampires!
  10. Seaside or Countryside?
    Countryside. I love the seaside but I think I would stop appreciating it if I saw it all the time. The countryside is more peaceful.
  11. Summer or Winter?
    Summer. Give me some warm weather any day.
  12. Books or Movies?
    Books books books. Every time.
  13. Horror or Comedy?
    Horror probably. It has to be a specific niche of comedy for me to enjoy it.


  1. Do You Wish You Could Change The Past?
    No….I don’t think so. Maybe I’m too sci-fi but I can’t see that ending well. Plus I hate to thing what my life might be like now if I went back and made changes.
  2. Dream Job:
    A Journalist. That s the ultimate goal. Dream (unrealistic) job would be to sing, but that would require me having the ability to actually sing hahaha.
  3. Guilty Pleasure:
    Disney. I suppose that isn’t really a guilty pleasure.
  4. What Are You Afraid Of?
    SPIDERS. Not achieving my personal goals. Not making my family proud. Losing people close to me. Dying with regrets. Not making the most of every single moment. Not doing the right thing.
  5. What Was The First Thing You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up?
    A teacher
  6. If You Could Have Any Superpower, What Would It Be?
    Invisibility, Flying, telepathy.
  7. If You Could Change Anything About Your Life What Would It Be?
    The amount of hours I get in a day.
  8. Would You Want Immortality?
    I don’t think so. If I could choose to be immortal with someone else then maybe but watching everyone I love die would kill me … or not.
  9. If You Could Interview Anyone Alive or Dead, Who Would You Choose?
    This is such a difficult question. First of all, anyone who is dead because I would love to know what happens when we die. After that, I would have to have a very long think. The exciting thing about my career aspirations is that one day I can interview anyone.
  10. Would You Say You Are Happy?
    Yes…if you’d asked me that three months ago I would have said probably not, but now I am very content.
  11. What Piece of Advice Would You Give Yourself at Age Eighteen?
    Well I’m 18 at the moment so I’m going to answer ‘what would I tell my 16 year old self?’ And that would be take every single opportunity and never be afraid to ask – the worst you will be told is no.
  12. Where Would You Like To Be In Five Years Time?
    Feeling accomplished, with a secure career and plans for my future. To look back and say ‘I did it’.

Wow…so that was all 100. I actually had so much fun doing that! It felt like playing a massive game of truth or dare with all truths!

I Tag: 









But if anyone else wants to join in then please do it was great fun!

Sasha xx


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