10 things to do for Easter

Happy Easter!!!

I’ve always found Easter to be a little confusing. Not in terms of what it’s about and what it represents…but what to do?

Over the years I’ve seen more and more Easter merchandise come into shops, like Easter cards and Easter party gear. When I was younger we had Easter bonnet competitions (which were great fun to make) and in school we had to make scenes from boiled eggs. Mum used to organise Easter egg hunts for us around the house, and it was great fun imagining what the Easter Bunny would bring.

But now I’m older this novelty, sadly, seems to have worn off. So I sat and I came up with  some things to do at Easter time for people, who a little like me, are a bit lost.

  • Create an Easter box for family members. Not only is it great fun to make, it’s great fun to give too! I made a box for my boyfriend with mini Easter eggs and Easter animals, and a lamb as an inside joke. It’s a little different from an Easter egg.
  • Bake! It’s a great way to experiment with pastel icing colours and icing creations. It can also be a great way to use up some Easter chocolate! If you have children I’m sure they would love a baking session. For a simpler option, try nest cakes using cornflakes and mini eggs.
  • Have an Easter garden party. This option lets you relax on a sunny day in the garden, look forward to summer and spend some well deserved time with family. You could even have your own Easter bonnet competition!
  • Go for a walk. This is my classic go to option, but there are so many beautiful flowers and Spring plants out at the moment, my current favourite being daffodils.
  • Go to a farm and see real life lambs and chicks. There are plenty of petting zoos too so this could be a great idea to do over Easter!

Also I’m very interested to know…how do you celebrate Easter? Any family traditions? 

Let me know below!! 

Sasha xx


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