2 Years of a Little Bookshelf on the Wall!


So my blog is two years old!!! Now for many bloggers I know you’re probably thinking that my blog isn’t as established as it probably could be, and there certainly aren’t enough posts to show for two years, but my blog has taken big breaks at some points especially in the first year.

I want to use this post to reflect on the past two years and to discover where my blog will be going in the future…

More book reviews!!

When I first started A Little Bookshelf, I did detailed book reviews which was the primary focus on my blog (hence the name) and I received some really lovely and motivating comments from other bloggers! And considering how much I actually read, I want to re-centre this focus a little more.

More about University!!

Uni is obviously one of the biggest parts of my life at the moment and I know when I was about to start there, I relied on the experiences of other bloggers and online forums to know what to do, what to take, how to adjust etc. so to be able to give that back to people would be lovely!

More photos!!

As a small step towards this I’ve recently revived my blog’s Instagram which I’m trying to grow, and take more of my own photos. If anyone has any tips on taking photos/ composing flat-lays/ creating a themed Instagram then please let me know!!! 

More frequent posting!!

Admittedly this was easier over Christmas and the New Year when I didn’t have looming deadlines and exam season, but with a more organised scheduling process, I should have a wider post variety.

Achieve 250 followers!!

Again, this doesn’t sound like a lot especially to bigger bloggers, but by the end of summer I would love to gain another hundred followers.

Have more belief!!

I read so many different blogs and everyone seems to have found their feet and seems to have huge followings and huge amounts of engagement. I need to have more faith that my blog holds the interest of a few, and it’s still growing.

A Little Bookshelf on the Wall is helping me to achieve my dream, and I have so much fun doing it! It has come along way since I first started out: I’ve changed my theme countless times, rethought my content ideas, built up my social media slowly and steadily, and begun to engage with more and more bloggers.

And to everyone who has supported me so far and taken the time to read my content, I want to say a huge thank you! It encourages me so much and I always try an reciprocate.

Here’s to another year of blogging! 

Sasha xx


    • I agree. Most of us are hungry for sincerity/authenticity. Writing from the heart is a great star to follow/reference — and will give us readers an authentic, heartful glimpse into who you uniquely are. I also think it’s great that you have also set some concrete goals regarding statistics. There wisdom in the simple idea/image of yin/yang — we are all a mix of dark/light, left brain/right brain, feeling/thinking, etc. On another note, as I have started reading and following more and more blogs, I have come to savor the folks who do not write loooong blog posts (which is what I have tended to do myself…) I think the length of this particular post is perfect. And I look forward to reading more whenever you have time/focus to devote to a new post.

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      • Thank you so so much omigosh. This is actually really great advice I really appreciate this! You’re so right about the long posts: I’ve been trying to cut some of mine down because I know that people (myself included) read on the go. So honestly thankyou so much! 🙂


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