Last July I visited the sunny Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, and stayed at Castillo Caleta de Fuste, a town that we later found out was largely designed for tourists.

Barcelo Fuerteventura Thalasso Spa


Our resort was absolutely gorgeous. They had a suite for everybody, a huge theatre where they had a different show every night, and a fantastic team of entertainment staff who were great fun even during the day. (My favourite night was their Grease night which was truly fantastic).

They also had an ‘Olympics Day’ by the pool which was great fun, where all the hotel guests came together and competed in a variety of water sports (sadly I was not on the winning team) and then a massive inflatable slide (yes my inner child came out!!!).

Their food hall was massive with a huge range of food for every meal. The pool area was gorgeous and always busy and full of people, it was a two minute walk to the beach, and a two minute walk to all of the shops. 10/10 would recommend and if I ever go back to the island, that is where I will stay.

Caleta de Fuste

New Image1.jpg

The streets are very clean, the people very friendly, and there are plenty of people around. There is a market which comes to a neighbouring town every few days and is well worth going to, if only to experience a traditional market.

The town itself holds a wide variety of tourist shops, restaurants, bars and cafes.

The Coast

The coastline is absolutely stunning. White sands run all the way around it. To the left of our accommodation was a brick path which lead all the way around to the harbour packed full of boats and yachts. We did this walk almost every night and managed to see some beautiful sunsets.


New Image.jpg

We took a day trip out to Bentancuria. It involved a long coach journey and a long drive across the many mountains and volcanoes, but seeing the town at the end of it is wonderful!

It’s a traditional little village, very isolated from the rest of the island, and functions mainly from the people who live within it. They have an ancient chapel and a museum that displays their culture, but apart from that the town remains largely untouched by tourism. The tourists that do visit help the commerce of gift shops and restaurants.

For me it was a lovely change from the tourism and creation of the town we stayed in, very cultural and very quaint.


On the way home from Bentancuria we visited a small farm which had the cutest animals, and the family who owned it showed us how they made cheese. They also had a rare breed of frog there. It was a lovely place to be.


Towards the South of the island is another beautiful town; very quite but very pretty. There was a beautiful church that we visited as well as some beautiful greenery and gardens. Sadly the museum was closed on the morning we visited but we had a very knowledgeable tour guide who provided lots of information.


For me this was one of the quaintest yet beautiful places. Ajuy is a tiny fishing village, made up of colourful houses and restaurants. We began by visiting one of the restaurants, which you actually have to pre-order your fish to as they go and catch it in the morning! Then you take a 15 minute walk up the side of the mountain path, to overlook miles and miles of beautiful sea. A cave inside the mountain shows beautiful creations of nature.

La Geria

The ride through La Geria was beautiful to say the least. The road is flanked by volcanoes of every size, and dotted around every now and then are farms. We visited a particularly large Aloe Vera farm (a popular plant in Africa hence the abundance of them across Lanzarote and Fuerteventura) and how many people make their livelihoods. The farms go on for miles and the plants are protected from weather by hundreds of these man made walls around them. We then went on to wine tasting which was of course, amazing!



During our stay we travelled across the island, and took a boat over to Lanzarote, the largest Canary Island. It was an early morning and a very unsteady boat but the view was stunning. Plus it was nice to experience how the locals travel frequently between islands.



We headed to the Timanfaya National Park, and honestly it was the most incredible experience (an absolute MUST for anyone going to Lanzarote).

First of all you see just how hot the surface of what you’re standing on is as you watch the force and pressure of steam from a hole in the ground, and then hold the volcanic rock straight from the ground (it’s very hot).

And then the drive around the park is spectacular. You drive through roads so small they seem as if they’re not there, cutting through the volcanoes and seeing the places where nature has just taken it’s course and remnants from previous explosions. They liken it to being on Mars or being on the Moon and honestly the desolation yet beauty is spectacular.

Overall my stay at Fuerteventura was incredible. We saw some amazing sights and really learned about the culture of the country and the surrounding islands, as well as getting immersed in all they had to offer. I had many relaxing days by the pool and on the beach, and was really able to enjoy the nightlife the hotel had to offer.

Sasha xx


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