My Summer Wishlist

I love doing posts like this because it gives me something to work towards!

Being a student means that I am broke 90% of the time, but I’ve now applied for summer jobs so I’m hoping to have a great one! Now as well as saving up for one (maybe two) holidays (how exciting 🙂 ) there are a few other items I have my eye on…which are actually perfect for said holidays…

Cameron Square Buckle Belt – £8.00


I’m so into yellow and mustard cothing at the moment, and it’s been years since I’ve owned a belt I actually like, so this one is pretty cute.

Zipper Front Glitter Design Backpack – £10.99


Not only is this backpack an adorable size, but it’s so glittery too! I’m sick of walking around the airport with a massive backpack because it just means I end up packing more! Plus this is great for day trips or shopping trips and might encourage me to have less rubbish in my handbag!

3x Ethnic Tassel Anklet Pack – £8.50


I get anklets for every holiday I go on. They go with everything (dresses, shorts, jeans) and are great beach accessories too.

Set of Rose gold/Silver Ombre Hand Painted Kilner Mason Jar – £21.99


These are a cute bedroom accessory (I’m already thinking about my Uni bedroom for 2nd year) and I found these on Etsy. If anything they’ve inspired me to make some over summer!

Pom Pom Decorated Strappy Sandals – £23.99


I’m so fussy when it comes to summer sandals! I refuse to walk around in heels all day because it’s so painful, and flip flops give me awful blisters after 5 minutes, so this is the only style I can wear. I love all of the colours in this design and it looks super comfy to wear. I’m also really liking tassels at the moment!

What are you looking to get this summer? 

Sasha xx



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