Prom / Ball dresses

It’s coming up to prom season again!! I remember when I had prom three years ago the absolute stress I had finding a dress. Deciding what colour to go for, what style to go for, and who to buy from was such a difficult decision. I ended up ordering it online to get the sizes custom made.

On top of that deciding on hairstyle, nails and make up was a real issue. I spent far too much time stressing about shoes until I realised that the length of my dress would actually hide the shoes (I opted for a simple wedge in the end).

At Uni I don’t have that problem, although we have a ball taking place in a few weeks, so to get into the spirit I’ve compiled a few of the dresses I’ve saved to my prom board on Pinterest. 


Evening dress – $119.89


This one is a nice formal and elegant style, which would look lovely for a ball or prom. Due to the neutrality of the dress, more elaborate jewellery would pair nicely with it. The dress is also very versatile and could be worn again after the occasion.

Mermaid sweetheart slit long evening dress – $186.00


This dress makes much more of a statement and is perfect for anybpdy who loves glitter or sparkles. Minimalist jewellery and hairstyle would be better suited to this dress.

Floral print maxi dress – $100


This one has a lovely summery feel to it, and could be dressed up or dressed down according to the occassion.

Long pink prom dress – £ 118.66


I love this design because it mixes an elegant glittery design with a more flowing pastel colour on the bottom. This would be a lovely dress for a ball or prom, or evening party.

Formal evening gown – £ 88.79


This design is more laid back and simplistic and is an ideal dress for anyone who doesn’t normally buy a dress (a few of my friends bought more simple dresses such as this one as they weren’t comfortable wearing a sparkly dress). The off the shoulder dress would look lovely with a side up-do.

If I was doing prom again, I would make sure I bought a dress that I could easily wear again. Whilst I loved my prom dress, it is far too sparkly for me to be able to use at a more casual occasion.

Do you have a prom this year? 

Sasha x


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