7 Ways to Combat January Blues

I don’t care if there’s no evidence…January blues are a real thing and most of us probably have them! Which, if you think about it, is actually quite a sad thought considering all the highs of Christmas.

We’ve seen all the family we needed to see for another year, engorged on about as much turkey and wine as we can manage, and (hopefully) taken down all of the decorations. It’s official…it’s January.

And of course, this comes with all of the ‘New Year, New Me’ selfies and posts and advice…and I admit, I’ve followed the crowd and spent ages scouring the internet for pieces of advice to calm myself down about the turn of 2019.

For me, 2019 means turning 20. In September, I’ll begin my final year of University. It means hopefully finding myself, or finding more of myself. Pushing my limits, building my confidence, blog more, keep fit, travel, etc. etc. etc.

Well….what if I could actually do those things successfully?

From all of my internet scouring…I may have found some motivation. You see I think I’ve finally realised that instead of spending ages wishing I was like other people but not actually doing anything about it, this is definitely my year to do something about it. So bye bye 2018-self, who always had fantastic intentions but never quite seemed to carry it through.

This year, I’ll be posting about my journey to my new year new me, my motivations, tips and tricks, my very probable low points but also hopefully my high points.

If there’s one thing I’ve realised, is that I’m at the age where I have so many freedoms, and once University is over, it’s very unlikely I will have the same freedoms. The same carefree attitude, the same time to do all of the things I love or things I want to do. So 2019 will also be my year of appreciating things.

To start off the year right, here are some initial things I will be doing for Self Care…

Made with Canva.

I hope that you’ll follow me on this journey. Drop your new years resolutions in the comments…hopefully we can motivate each other!!!

Sasha xx


  1. These are beautiful ideas! 💙 Wishing you a wonderful 2019 😊💛
    My main focuses for 2019 (they’re not really resolutions, as I tend to fail those lol) are to consistently meet new bloggers, get back into reading, and become the best version of myself that I can be. 💖

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