10 Ways to Get Organised for 2019

In my post 7 Ways to Combat January Blues  I spoke about getting more organised, so here is my advice!!


  1. Invest in a planner/diary. Mine is my life saver, it has absolutely everything in it, from birthdays, appointments, assignments, my timetable, reminders etc.
  2. Use a wall or desktop calendar – this just makes it a little easier to quickly scan over key things in your day, and be able to plan ahead.
  3. Buy some coloured pens or highlighters! I find them really useful to categorise things – green for something that is completed, red for things that are cancelled, yellow for urgent things etc.
  4. Create meal plans – I find this particularly useful at Uni, and also for saving money. It also saves time before I make food, and ensure’s I buy enough to last the week. Spend about 15 minutes before your food shop planning for each day and writing down foods you need.
  5. Use different notebooks or folders for your school/University notes – this makes it so much easier when looking back on them or trying to find things. Also by writing the date at the top can make navigation easier.
  6. Solve problems as soon as you can – I used to be terrible for continually adding to an already long to-do list and never actually ticking anything off. I now try to keep my list to 5 points or less!
  7. Tidy your work space!! My desk can sometimes become so cluttered and littered with papers, notes, books, mugs, pens…I’ve started quickly clearing it down at the end of the day (takes 30 seconds) and makes me feel much more prepared and ready to work the next day! It also makes it easier for me to find things!!
  8. Back Up!!! Our Uni house got burgled at the start of term, and it made me realise how important it is to always back up files!! From your computer or your phone to a memory stick, external hardrive or online storage. This gives you the piece of mind that your work is always there.
  9. Create a budgeting sheet – I’m thinking of doing a post on this soon especially for students (a few people have asked me). I had a spreadsheet last year that noted down every single expense of mine and it was so effective, meant I never went over budget and even helped me to save up money for Summer!!
  10. Organise your emails – I didn’t enjoy doing this but I really appreciate the time I put into it! I went through and unsubscribed from everything I don;t use anymore, categorised into folders and organised my contacts. This is a good one for anyone who has hundreds of emails a day and needs to filter the important ones.

I’m hoping this will help even a couple of people to become more organised this New Year, I certainly stand by and carry through all of these things and they haven’t failed me yet!! 

Sasha xx

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