Review: Allegiant



The amazing end novel to the Divergent series. Different to the others, Allegiant takes a multi-perspective P.O.V. giving us the thoughts and feelings of both Tris and Tobias. Allegiant is a story of new beginnings and answers, but proof that no matter how pure people are believed to be, there is some level of corruption still. Tris and Tobias embark on their final journey towards freedom, and in the end the ultimate sacrifice must be made for the greater good. 


I must admit I shed some tears during this book. I was so sad that the series had to come to an end, and was also deeply saddened by the ending.

The book is action packed, with the themes of trust, jealousy, heroism, betrayal, and action, continued from Divergent and Insurgent.

Tris and Tobias learn that Chicago was part of the Purity War, and afterwards the wall was created and an experiment was commissioned by the US government to try and achieve more GP’s (genetically pure – Divergents) as opposed to GD’s (genetically damaged).

One of the biggest turning points for Tobias was learning that he in fact isn’t fully Divergent – it brings in themes of self doubt and mental health as he doubts his purpose and his worth. He befriends Nita, who wants to go against the GP’s. Tris becomes jealous of Nita and Tobias and is very wary of her ideas.

Meanwhile, leader David gives Tris access to information about her mother, who worked for the bureau as a volunteer and her role was to stop Divergent’s being killed by Erudite.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Divergent book without the serums that control people. This time, David wants to give the serum to the whole of Chicago to erase their memories. Tris has other ideas. She issues anti-serums to the people close to them, and works towards directing the memory serum towards the bureau.

I’m not going to describe the ending, because it shocked me so much it should remain a surprise to those who haven’t yet read it.

For me, Allegiant was the perfect ending. It brought everything to such a dramatic forefront but worked so well, with the perfect mix of action, romance and friendship. It showed the hardships of working against the people that you love the most, doing the right thing but sometimes being driven by emotions such as jealousy, or more positively forgiveness.

It also shows the importance of family  – despite growing up in a world where families are considered secondary to the faction system, ultimately family drives Tris to make her final decision.

Finally, the series has been one of my favourites. Right from the start, I fell in love with the characters, I fell in love with their friendships and their support for one another, the trust they had to have and the sacrifices they were willing to make.

It is a dystopian series I will never forget: their whole society was intended to be purified and remade, and ultimately they came full circle. They went from one controlled society where they were told the group they belonged to, told who to follow (the leadership not their families), how to behave based on their grouping, and forced to make decisions and follow ideals that had dark origins.

I recommend the series to any lovers of The Hunger Games, the Maze runner series, anyone who enjoys young adult books, and anyone who wants to embark on an amazing adventure.

Sasha xx

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