USA Summer Camp: The application process

There are various ways that people apply to camp: some go directly through the camp themselves, some can apply online, and some go through agencies.

As a first-timer, I went straight through an agency and for my first year, it was the best decision.

I chose USA Summer Camp, but there are so many different ones who offer competitive prices and various services. When applying to camp it is important to make sure that your application is as strong as possible, and portrays you in a positive way – camps need enthusiastic, happy and responsible staff for the summer!

No experience is fine - I had none - however making it clear that you're keen to learn and versatile is important. Remember you'll be looking after children for the summer so you need to seem approachable. Up

As part of my process, I attended a jobs fair where there were around 30 camps. From there, it was a case of approaching the camps that I had researched prior to the event and trying to get hired.

In my case, my lack of qualification in media prevented me from getting roles in filming or teaching an area, however the final camp I came to offered me a job in Social Media, which I gladly took.

After this, I had about 6 months until I was due to fly out. What followed was a continuous lengthy process of filling out contracts, forms, accounts, Visa, Police Check, Medical Check etc. which took a lot of commitment to complete, but was well worth it.

My agency offered to book my flights for me, and even recommended a hostel for when I got there, so that stress was taken away from me!

A lot of my uncertainty and confusion about certain stages were quickly cleared by a quick google or a quick call to the agency, who were always helpful.

And in the meantime I joined the social media groups for my camp, where there were plenty of returning counselors on hand to impart all of their knowledge, experience and tips.

So although applying can seem daunting and possibly confusing, especially if, like me, this is your first time doing anything of this kind, it’s so worth it in the end. Applying and getting hired is the first huge leap to adventure!! I felt so proud and such a sense of satisfaction when I was hired all the way back in January, and for me, staying committed to my decision for the next 6 months was huge!

I think that like with anything, the more you think and overthink something, it’s very easy to back down, but I knew that doing this for the summer would drastically change my life, and I was right…

…I’m so thankful that I didn’t back out and I’m so grateful to my family and friends for encouraging me every single step of the way. It’s really inspired me to chase adventure and try new things!

Sasha x


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